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"Christmas Moon" from Bluewater Christmas CD

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Christmas Moon


How many days til Christmas?

Counting down! & coming soon…

How many times we promise

To sail beneath a Christmas moon!


How ‘bout a candy cane Christmas?

A Christmas island flower in bloom…

How many dreams & wishes

Underneath a Christmas moon!


O o o o! Christmas moon…

Yo ho ho! I’m coming soon!

Tonight I’m missin’ you…

Tomorrow I’ll be kissin’ you

                underneath the Christmas moon!


You are the gift at the top of my list

        you are my shining star 

        you are my “partridge in a pear tree”

Season’s greetings!                               

From my heart!


So, have a Merry Christmas!

May all your precious dreams come true

Cheers to everything delicious

Underneath the Christmas moon!


        o o o o! Sailing soon…

               underneath the Christmas moon!


                1998 j.robert - dooley boy music - bmi


Music performance and production by J.Robert.


JRobert Music - Blue Water Christmas

Also available on iTunes 

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