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Ft. Myers - Florida Weekly's "Flamingo's Best 2020 Awards" features J.Robert's "Florida Songwriter Showcase"
Best Last Fridays  
Congratulations Marie Nofsinger, Captn Jac, Grant Peeples, Peter B. Gallagher, Timothy McGeary, and a cast of hundreds!  07.26.2020
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A New Normal...
Since the World Pandemic, there's no more travelling to Central Asia, or Switzerland, or even the Florida Folk Festival!
All corporate engagements at Florida's beautiful beach hotels, music festivals, and private celebrations are cancelled!
However, Mangrove Music Studios is busy creating New Normal music!
I have song projects, film scores to compose, and am gearing up to Stream Live on multiple Social Media Channels.
Please visit J.Robert's YouTube and Facebook pages to enjoy the many song/video productions...        
SUBSCRIBE on YouTube or FOLLOW on FaceBook and you will enjoy our many amazing creations!
I will have hundreds of brand new songs, stories, live fiddling, guitar playing, steel pan playing, guest writers, and video!
Marjory Stoneman Douglas "Nature Center By the Sea" Film score by J.Robert Houghtaling

The history of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Nature Center featuring the founder, Marjory herself, Mabel Miller who helped move the idea along and Theodora Long who has been the longstanding Executive Director.

A David Weintraub Film Production.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas "Nature Center By the Sea"

"SW Florida's Mangrove Coast" two GOLD Awards
Film score by J.Robert Houghtaling

Live Oak Production Group, Elam Stoltzfus Producer/Director and Nic StoltzfusScreenwriter & Production Assistant have received two GOLD Awards from the 2019 Davey Awards in the Film & Video documentary and Best Copywriting category for Southwest Florida's Mangrove Coast documentary.
Keith LaakkonenRenee Cassella WilsonJeffrey Alton CarterAthan BarkoukisJoey WavesJRobert HoughtalingRyan YoungRobin DeMattia

"Southwest Florida's Mangrove Coast" Broadcast on all Florida PBS TV

“Southwest Florida’s Mangrove Coast” is a documentary featuring the 40 year history of Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve and displays the nature and beauty of southwest Florida. Produced by Emmy award-winning cinematographer Elam Stoltzfus, the film delves into the scientific work being done at Rookery Bay on mangroves, pythons, sea turtles, and other species. Land managers, scientists, and local partners discuss potential threats to the region as well as what is being done to protect southwest Florida’s mangrove coast for future generations. 
Here is an example where a major highway was planned to be built through the center of pristine mangrove islands. But a group of citizens came together in the 60's to stop the road to nowhere. Hear the rest of the story in this documentary.

Southwest Florida's Mangrove Coast  - Documentary

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