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10,000 Songs from the 10,000 Islands

10,000 Songs from the 10,000 Islands

First Monday in the Month of December, a full moon drenched our stage with glorious light as people arrived from all over SW Florida. Many brought their own chairs, and some drove their golf carts to our open-air theater at Margood Harbor Park, in beautiful downtown Goodland, Florida. Pavilions and playgrounds were wrapped around this charming harbor; a perfect backdrop for our live music, and local flavor event.

By showtime, all of our musicians were tuned up, smiling, and ready to go!

John R. Butler tickled us with his witty and sometimes ribald humorous songs under December’s “Cold Moon” light. John reminds me of one of Santa’s rascally elves; so cute and enamoring as to take the show joyfully overtime…but who’s keeping score when it’s the first show of the season?

Come January, Caleb Neff shared his Florida roots and personal reflections on John Prine…under the Wolf Moon. Caleb is on the cutting edge of music production in Ft. Myers and always astounds us with fresh new song projects.

Grammy Award Winner and Country Music Hall of Fame member, Charlie McCoy, swept the audience and musicians away with a personal collection of humorous tunes, love songs, and thoughtful ballads. A true master of wit with an intimately entertaining style, Charlie could have gladly performed all night long for our February “Snow Moon” gathering!

10,000 Songs March 6th show, featuring Florida Women songwriters, stands out as a highpoint of our many performances. NBC’s Season-12 top singer, Sheena Brook, led the parade with her feminist visions and experiences, while Reggae Woman extraordinaire, Sabrina Williams, kept the torch aflame with special cheers to Bob Marley and her Jamaican roots!

Seminole Woman and Bird Clan leader, Rita Youngman touched our hearts with original songs of her native land and people, while Everglades City youthful talent and champion blues singer, Charlie Pace, wailed on a heartfelt set of Florida songs that will be appreciated for many moons!

Special Nashville guests Brent Moyer, Austin Church, and Tim McGeary got the audience spinning with their “Nashville Circle” style of presenting songs. Each artist challenged the last original with a story and song of their own! The drama never ceased until a final sing-a-long signaled it was time to say, “Good night ‘Pink Moon!’ of April”

Occasional moments of hilarity were shared by storyteller T.R. Kerth. Special visits from Bob & Shane, Chef Bob, or Gladezman, Jack Sheely, added just the right spice of Florida songs throughout the season.

Goodland resident and popular folk song artist, Merrill Allen, will set the tone for an upcoming “Flower Moon” concert of Florida Folk Songs.

This last “First Monday” show will wrap up our season with a special presentation of Florida Folk music and a live CD/Record release party with Ft. Myers based artists Roy Schneider and Kim Mayfield, performing as “Reckless Saints.” With over a decade of high-profile bookings and two European tours under their belts, Kim and Roy are celebrating their 6th CD album release called “Reckless Saints – Blue Tangled Folk’n’Roll.”

Mainstay musicians, Marie Nofsinger and Captain Jac, along with myself, J.Robert, are deeply thankful for all the support and attention we’ve received from fans, visitors, and news agencies. Special thanks goes out to the Collier Parks and Recreation. Without all of your participation, monthly support, and keen ears, the 10,000 Songs from the 10,000 Islands and I would have been on an empty stage, beneath a quiet sky, singing to a lonely Moon!

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Apr 27, 2023
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